Yes, the store is called Wine Expo but we have a large selection of Tequila, Malt Whisky, Bourbon, Rum, Vodka, Gin and many other examples of the distillers art.

That’s Amaro!

When the herbs hit your tongue like a big bitter bomb, that’s Amaro… If you’ve ever been to Italy you know that Italian EMBRACE the bitter side of the flavor spectrum: from espresso to 89% cacao bittersweet chocolate to radicchio, they GET that lush and sweet flavors are better when balanced with a firm kick in the palate by bitterness. As a result, every town larger than Playa del Rey has it’s own local Amaro, often with roots in a local pharmacy where it was first concocted as a cure all and...

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Featured Malt Whiskys

Extraordinary Single Malts from Gordon & Macphail Gordon & Macphail have been marketing Malt Whisky from Scotland’s greatest distilleries with a unique methodology since 1895: they source their own casks from Sherry, Bourbon and Rum producers, send them to be filled with “new-make” clear whisky straight off the stills and then lovingly aging them in their own facility. Aside from the fantastic dram within, they have recently relaunched the line with great retro labels from the pre war...

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