Spanish Rosé Wine

Even the finest and most expensive bodegas in Spain make Rosado as they know it is going to be hot and they are probably going to roast a goat (or two). They tend to be quite dark and zesty and can substitute for red wine with no problema…

What’s pouring at the Bar this Week

Aperitif: Canals Canals Reserva Especial Brut, Barcelona Spain  $8 glass Whites     1) Casual but delicious whites  $12 per flight A) Ikella Torrontes 2010, Mendoza Argentina  $6 glass Light and dry with wonderful aromatics, kills boring Chardonnay on contact! B) Nico Dry Moscato Giallo 2012, Sierra Foothills California  $6 glass Complex with intense citrus aromas and a bone dry finish. Amazing with Thai food. C) Stone Fruit Riesling 2011, Pfalz Germany  $6 glass Fresh, ripe & quaffable fruit with a...

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Spanish Rosé

Duque de Medina Garnacha Rosado 2010, Cariñena Spain Proudly fruit forward, spicy on the nose, dry on the finish…sealed with a screwcap for your protection! This is one of the most versatile wines we offer: it will greatly enhance anything from Turkey & Cheese Hot Pockets to a full on home made Paella.

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