The Bacon Chronicles reviews our Bacon & Bubbly Fest

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The title on the menu at Wine Expo’s Bacon & Bubbly night said “Bacon + Champagne = Bliss!” and I couldn’t agree more. Never before had I sought out to pair Champagne with bacon. In my own kitchen, I spend all of my energies devising the perfect pairings and ratio of bacon to other foods, and when alcohol comes into the equation it is usually one of Andy “Sampler Tray” Greene’s many beer offerings. Which is to say that I veritably jumped at the chance to taste some of Wine Expo’s best Champagnes alongside several of BaconFreak’s artisanal bacons.

Wine Expo holds a Bacon & Bubbly tasting the second weekend of every month at their location in Santa Monica, CA, each time with different bacons and Champagnes. To be sure you remember when the time comes, go ahead and follow @WineExpo on Twitter and Wine Expo Santa Monica on Facebook.


For $29.99 per person (that includes the Champagne, bacon, and bread/olives/crackers on the side), it’s an incredible deal.

As mentioned above, Wine Expo has teamed up with BaconFreak for their artisanal bacon needs. My only previous experience with BaconFreak’s wares was when I purchased and devoured their International Bacon Day Bundle. My favorite of that pack had been the Cajun Smoked Bacon, which was the only bacon on Wine Expo’s menu that I’d had before.

In addition to the Snout’s Honor Cajun Smoked Bacon, there was also Bacon is a Vegetable Summer Herbed BaconHog Heaven Bourbon BaconBoss Hog Honey BBQ Rubbed Bacon, and Coastal Caliente Chipotle Bacon. While the cajun bacon had been my previous favorite, I was pleasantly surprised to find the other 4 offerings to be even better. It wound up being a pretty darn good night.