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Location and hours of operation

2933 Santa Monica Blvd
Santa Monica 90404

Mon-Wed 10a - 10p
Th-Sat 10a - midnight
Sun 11a - 10p
Our Bar is open from 5pm daily

Customer Testimonials

I absolutely love Wine Expo.

I absolutely love Wine Expo. I had been wanting to do the wine tasting for over a year, and last Thursday, my friends and I finally visited for the 20/$20 wine-tasting extraordinaire.

Upon entrance, this place looks like a liquor store, but if you tell the person at the counter that you are there for the tasting, he will walk you to the tasting room right behind him, and immediately, the environment transforms. Inside is a variety of table sizes and seats for mingling and enjoying. There’s also a back room with three or four tables for larger groups.
When our group of six arrived at 10 p.m. there were quite a few people in the main room, so we headed for the back. Because there were only two bartenders, we had to just get up and go to the bar every time we were ready for the next wine. We just told them each item which number wine on the list we were to taste next. Although this process was a bit tiring, it was also good in that it encouraged mingling with strangers, especially while waiting in line for the next pour.
Unfortunately, no one in our group got to taste all 20 wines because we got there so late. There are some really good selections within the variety that we did try, and I don’t doubt that their good selections are consistent. In any case, 20 tastings for $20 is well worth it. Heck, even the 12 that we did get through were worth $20!

There’s also a short food menu with pizzas and bread/ cracker platters, and a short list of beers for non-wine fans. So really, you can bring all your friends! Just kidding. You can bring wine-lovers for sure, though.

Wine Expo really is a great place to enjoy a nice evening with a group of people, one person, or even a bunch of strangers. I love it and can’t wait to return.


Wendy C. via Yelp: http://www.yelp.com/user_details?userid=qhIKkB6ib8rUSgej3yIRTQ

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