You love spicy wines, how about SPICED Wine?

There is a long tradition in Italy of adding spices (and a little Grappa!) to wines to produce a soothing sipper that both aids digestion and stimulates the senses. Literally every village has its own version, often created by a local pharmacist or even midwife. Thanks in part to the booming cocktail culture these days, many of them are getting broader distribution. We agree that a little dash of one of these will liven up a nice Manhattan or Rob Roy but you’ve got to try them strait first*.


Cocchi Vermouth di Torino $14.99  375ml  16% ABV

Made in the heart of Piemonte from quality local wines, this bursts from your glass with notes of everything from rhubarb to cocao, citrus to exotic spices. Get yours before Ali drinks it all!


Cappelletti Americano Rosso  $21.99  750ml  17% ABV

From the mountains of Trentino comes this country cousin to Aperol made with “wines of the region and alpine herbs”. Try it straight first but it makes a fantastic spritz as well with the addition of Prosecco and a few cubes of ice.


Giovanni Bosca Cardamaro  $22.99  750ml  17% ABV

A family recipe seven generations old, this Piemontese treat is flavored with Cardoon, Blessed Thistle and Artichokes then aged in oak for six months.


Cocchi Barolo Chinato  $79.99  liter  bottle  16.5% ABV

The big dog of this bunch, this is made with real Barolo infused with quinine bark, wormwood, rhubarb, ginger, gentian and a secret blend of aromatic spices to finish. Serve this in place of port after a nice big dinner, dark chocolate optional (but recommended!)


* Starting in February we will be offering a flight of Vini Aromatizzati in our bar every Saturday.