Believe her…it’s NOT Ketchup!

From Santa Monica based WINE EXPO-ista Erika Kerekes:

“I’m an obsessive home cook and food blogger. I created Not Ketchup because I am constitutionally unable to pass up ripe fruit but got sick of making jam. I’ve tested Not Ketchup on kids, grownups, and the members of FBLA (Food Bloggers Los Angeles, which I co-founded in 2009), and everyone loves it.

The first three flavors of Not Ketchup are Cherry Chipotle, Blueberry White Pepper, and Smoky Date. They’re savory, not sweet – tangy and vinegar-heavy, just like tomato ketchup. All are gluten-free and contain only natural sweeteners (demerara sugar and honey). Real fruit is the first ingredient on each label, the ingredient lists are short, and of course they are formulated to meet natural food requirements. 

Not Ketchup is labeled as a dipping sauce, although it can also be used as a glaze, a marinade, and (believe it or not) a cocktail base. It’s a gourmet alternative to traditional tomato ketchup and pairs exceptionally well with burgers, fries, steak, ribs, chicken, shrimp, cheese, sausages, and charcuterie.”

We got the very FIRST cases of Not Ketchup carried straight from the bottling plant by Erika last night (still quite warm to the touch!), sampled folks in our bar on them and got lots of big thumbs up. We will be featuring them in our famous crostini so you can get a taste as well.

Healthy sized bottles (net weight 14.4oz) for sale at $8.99 in our West Wing.