Seduction by wine…bottles that get the job done.

Different folks have different “W Spots” that get tickled by different wines but here are a few tried and true “Does this make you feel RANDY baby?” selections:


Borgo Imperiale Sangue di Giuda, Oltrepò Pavese  $18.99

Are you MAN enough to drink a Fizzy Red? Yes Drill Sergeant! Things happen here at your favorite wine emporium that we couldn’t make up if we tried but THIS one really made an impression: one Sunday three years ago a cab pulled up and two United States Marines in full desert camo and toting full packs got out. They came in and it turned out that they had JUST gotten off a plane at LAX after a long deployment in Iraq, were on their way home to see their wives and that their wives had mentioned a wine they really liked that they had to buy HERE: Sangue di Giuda! When we mentioned that the common wisdom on such wines (red, fizzy, very fruity and a bit sweet which makes them fabulous with salty snacks) was that they were a bit “girlie”, one of the young infantrymen said, “When Mama’s happy, I’m happy. That’s the battle plan sir.”. Well, in that case, Semper Fi marine, carry on and let the good times roll!


Cascina Fonda La Tardja late harvest Moscato d’Asti 2011, Piemonte  $35.99

We discovered this gem when the winemaker of one of Italy’s most famous and expensive sparkling wine houses simply would NOT take no for an answer about walking a half a mile to another pavilion at VinItaly 2000 to taste “the best Moscato d’Asti ever made!” Well, he was right so we bought all they would give us.

We call even normal Moscato d’Asti “The Zombie Detector” because if you don’t like this you are probably already dead! This one is not labeled as DOCG due to its unique production methods and flavor profile: it is made from Moscato grapes left to hang an additional three weeks on the vine which give it notes of walnuts and toffee on top of the burnt orange peel, dried fruit and hibiscus flower base. OUTRAGEOUS, unique, destined for cult status. Uh…Ladies Man…this is goooooooood…wink, wink.


Giuseppe Sedilesu Cannonau di Sardegna Sartiu 2008  $27.99

This is a rustic, smoky, unfiltered and very sexy beast made from very old vines cultivated by OXEN. Cannonau is the Sardo clone of Grenache but has shed the primary strawberry / spice nose you get in French bottlings for a much deeper more shall we say muscular expression.


Bootyliscious: If Jane Mansfield (or Beyonce for you young’uns) was a wine

Phat like that, packing much junk in the trunk and a lil’ extra sex appeal on the side, these are too much wine for your average Merlot drinker:

Marion Cabernet Sauvignon 2009, Veneto  $75.00

Marion Teroldego 2009, Veneto  $75.00

Our notes from VinItaly 2012: Very possibly the best reds at the show (perhaps tied with the Amarone from this cantina)…ridiculous texture and complexity…it almost doesn’t matter WHAT they cost.”

What makes these so special? The grapes are harvested between the second and third week of September, collected in boxes and placed on tables in well-ventilated sheds for partial drying, which lasts 30-40 days. A further part is left hanging on the vines until it reaches super-ripeness then harvested and pressed during the first ten days of October. After fermentation the wines obtained are aged separately in 350 liter oak barrels from Slavonia for about 30 months and lastly blended and bottled. All that and they are still wonderfully graceful and balanced at just 14.5% ABV. Plus, it turns out they costs a lot LESS than many far less than comparable wines…just $75. We also have a fantastic Valpolicella Superiore and the Amarone of this cult Veronese producer in stock. Very limited…worth it!