When the herbs hit your tongue

like a big bitter bomb, that’s Amaro…

If you’ve ever been to Italy you know that Italian EMBRACE the bitter side of the flavor spectrum: from espresso to 89% cacao bittersweet chocolate to radicchio, they GET that lush and sweet flavors are better when balanced with a firm kick in the palate by bitterness. As a result, every town larger than Playa del Rey has it’s own local Amaro, often with roots in a local pharmacy where it was first concocted as a cure all and degestivo. We stock as many as we can source and have a fresh batch for you:


Cynar (bases on artichoke leaves!), Liguria  $29.99 / liter


R. Jelínek Fernet, Czech Republic  $39.99 / 750ml


Bràulio Amaro Alpino, Valtellina  $38.99 / 750 ml


Nardini Amaro, Friuli  $49.99 / liter


Lorenzo Inga My Amaro, Piemonte  $36.00 / 750ml


Nonino Amaro Quintessentia, Friuli  $47.99 / 750ml


Girolamo Varnelli Amaro Sibilla, Marche  $58.99 / liter


Averna Amaro Siciliano  $32.99 / liter