What the hell is a RADLER?

Perhaps the most refreshing thing you will drink this year! Many of you from the east coast or those who have visited the Caribbean will be familiar with Shandies from various breweries: lager beer bottled with a good shot of lemonade. These are the same concept but made with better beer from one of Austria’s best breweries and with little to no sweetness PLUS, at just 2.5% ABV, you can pound them with impunity with Thai, Oaxacan, Fried Chicken, Fruit & Cheese, you name it. Even if the concept scares you a little, you’ve GOT to at least try the Grapefruit…it’s amazing!


Krombacher Lemon Radler 6pk 12 oz  $10.49


Even MORE refreshing, bet you can’t drink just three..

Stiegl Red Grapefruit Radler $9.99 per 4pk 16 cans