Media Watch

Do you have doubts about the vast media conspiracy all marching to the same drummer? Well, just read these quotes and you will see that they ALL agree on one thing:


“WINE EXPO in Santa Monica has one of the best selections of Champagne in the country.” New York Times Wine Columnist Eric Asimov in his blog The Pour


“Grower produced Champagnes are easy to spot but hard to find. WINE EXPO in Santa Monica has by far the best selection in the area…” Los Angeles Times


“The best Champagnes always cost less than the most famous Champagnes because the price of fame is so high…”  Time Magazine quoting WINE EXPO


“Wine Expo is the true temple of Champagne worship in Los Angeles!”  Los Angeles Reader


“You can buy your Veuve at Cost Plus or your Dom at Gelson’s, but if you have the guts to go beyond the obvious and you are not embarrassed about spending less for better quality…WINE EXPO is THE place for bubbly!”   LA Magazine’s Best of LA Edition 2007


“Their selection is great as they aren’t going to carry things you can find at every corner store. Also, I can honestly say that I have never been into another store where the staff could not only accurately tell you what each bottle tasted like and what foods the wines best went with, but they actually asked you about your preferences and adjusted accordingly. Wine Expo is truly a model for what a store should strive to be in terms of service and selection.”  Brad Baker, The Champagne Warrior


Show Mom you really DO care…

Have you seen those ads telling you that three months salary is about right when it comes to buying a diamond engagement ring? We would like to use the same kind of logic to help you buy a nice bottle of Champagne for this Mothers’ day. We suggest you spend $10 for every hour she was in labor when you were born plus $5 for every year you freeloaded on her after you turned 18, then add $1 for every month since YOU called HER! As you know we have over 150 great Champagnes for you to choose from including gorgeous Magnums of Barnaut Grand Cru Grand Reserve from Bouzy for the seriously guilty. Don’t forget to wipe your feet, clean behind your ears and wear clean underwear when you give it to her!

And, while we are at it, there is absolutely nothing more appropriate to serve with brunch than the low alcohol / high exuberance, slightly sparkling, no one can have just one glass deliciousness of Moscato d’Asti (white, smells like orange blossoms) or Brachetto (red, smells like fresh strawberries…just like, as Miriam Makeba once noted in song…love!).  And, yes, we will be open 11-10 on Mothers Day for you procrastinators.