Men are from Cabernet, 

Women are from Schioppettino?

How to spot a future WINE EXPO-ista in 30 seconds: Last year a couple visiting from the nation’s capitol dashed in to your favorite wine emporium to get a gift on the way to a birthday celebration. Within less than a minute the husband says, “Let’s go, I’ve never heard of any of these wines…”, to which the wife replies, “I know, isn’t that wonderful, it will take a couple of hours just to explore this place!”. Dagwood, figuring he had to pick his battles, acquiesced and Blondie picked out a nice Lagrein Dunkel Riserva for the gift and a mixed case of samples to ship home. And, since then HE has reordered…TWICE! Can we get an “Amen!” from the choir?

WINE EXPO: Drink Different!