They like us…they really like us!

“A Miraculous Wine Shop for Italian Wine Lovers!!! WINE EXPO…where have you been all of my life?”

David Rosengarten in The Rosengarten Report


“WINE EXPO practically specializes in great inexpensive wines and you would be foolish not to take advantage of their specific expertise…leave the Two Buck Chuck to everybody else!”

Pulitzer Prize winning food scribe Jonathan Gold



“You can buy your Veuve at Cost Plus or your Dom at Gelson’s, but if you have the guts to go beyond the obvious and you are not embarrassed about spending less for better quality…WINE EXPO is THE place for bubbly!”

LA Magazine’s Best of LA Edition, August 2007


“Their selection is great as they aren’t going to carry things you can find at every corner store. Also, I can honestly say that I have never been into another store where the staff could not only accurately tell you what each bottle tasted like and what foods the wines best went with, but they actually asked you about your preferences and adjusted accordingly. Wine Expo is truly a model for what a store should strive to be in terms of service and selection.”

Brad Baker, The Champagne Warrior


“I eagerly await their weekly communiqués to see what pronouncement, discovery or outrage they want to share and, even when I disagree, I find them intriguing and worth considering. Their sheer delight in sharing their discoveries and philosophies with their readers get my attention even when I am not in the market for their wines.”

David Shaw, LA Times’ Pulitzer Prize winning Media Critic, 10/6, 2004

The full article “Their Passion and their Muse” by David Shaw