Slent Farms, Paarl

This property was settled in 1685 by French immigrant Martin Pouisson, was a multipurpose farm for several centuries with his decendents. It was recognized as a game preserve in the 1990’s as quite a bit of the land is set aside to promote biodiversity and is home to grey duiker, grysbok, steenbok, porcupine, bat-eared and Cape foxes, caracal and scrub hares. In 2005 the property was acquired by a small group of Italian friends who now produce wine, olive oil and plums there.

Slent Farms Chardonnay Ayama 2006, Paarl  

Their Chardonnay is VERY dry and crisp with good minerality and NO Oak, making it perfect for Pacific Rim cuisine or any seafood dish you can whomp up. Cheers!

Slent Farms Sauvignon Blanc Ayama 2006, Paarl  

Their version of Sauvignon Blanc is NOT grassy or herbal and has a softer finish…just the thing for Thai, Indian, Mariscos Baja Style or other spicy dishes.


Solms-Delta Wine Estate, Franschhoek, Western Cape

This historic winery has an amazing story, dating back centuries. Click here for the tour!

Solms Wijn de Caab Amalie 2006, Western Cape

Round and full bodied? Check! Fragrant and slightly exotic? Check! Great value for money? Double Check! With 55% fragrant Viognier for tropical aromatics and 45% Grenache Blanc for structure, this is extremely versatile. Made at a winery with roots back to the late 1600’s. Limited.


Solms Koloni 2007, Western Cape  VERY Limited…and a STEAL!

Boys and girls, let’s play “Stump the Wine Geek”! No matter how wine geeky your Brother in Law / Boss / Tasting Group buddies are THIS is probably going to be an eye opener for them: Riesling (73%) and two clones of Muscat are “strangled” on the vine by applying strong clamps which cut the bunches off from further nutrition and leaves them to desiccate before harvest. The result is a sort of Amarone like WHITE: It is hearty, very aromatic, BONE DRY and builds strong bodies twelve ways….cheers!