Crow Canyon California Syrah 2010 

Fruit and spice driven Syrah with no oak, perfect for finger foods, pizza & burgers, BBQ, ect at ridiculous value for money.

Balance AND Value: Plata Wine Co

Our friend Robert Plata swims upstream against the “bigger is better” mentality of most of his fellow vignerons in Paso Robles: he strives for a more elegant style with earthier flavors and lower alcohol levels. He’s succeeding. He’s also a patron of the arts and has featured some of Los Angele’s best Graffiti artists on his striking labels. All that and they’re under $25….

Plata Syrah 2008, Paso Robles

Plata El Jefe de Cultura (50/50 Cab / Syrah) 2008, Paso Robles