Hard day? You deserve a Stift one…

Stift Schlägl Brewery, Muhlvierte Austria

This historic brewery dates to 1580 but is located in a Cistercian abbey with roots back to 1203. The beers are noted for their fresh hoppy flavors that come from the famous Muhlviertel hops grown in the district. There are 6 diverse offerings in just the right size 500ml bottles, all just $2.89.

Stift Schlägl Abtei Pils

A nearly perfect Pils with citrus and grain on the palate and just a hint of hops on the nose. Fresh, clean and very quaffable.


Stift Schlägl Kristal Premium Lager

Ultra refreshing with green apple and fresh bread on the nose, a firm dry and hoppy finish.


Stift Schlägl Urquell Märzen Bier

Rounder and maltier with a fruitiness on the palate and a rich, smooth, flowery finish


Stift Schlägl Roggen Gold

Made from organically grown Rye, this is spicier on the nose with a rich, malty mouthfeel more than ready for hearty foods.


Stift Schlägl Red Ale

Full flavored with a rich, warming mouthfeel and an almost wine like color. Very satisfying.


Stift Schlägl Doppel Bock

The bruiser of the crew at 8.3% ABV, this is light in color but deeeeply malty in flavor with a whollop of flowery hops to balance it.