Enzo Vincenzo Valpolicella Ripasso 2009, Veneto  

Cure for the Common Pinot? Smooth, warming, comforting like a big hug from your plus size auntie, Ripasso wines are one of our most popular categories: The rich, meaty cherry / plum / spice flavors of the Corvina variety have been enriched by the Ripasso method of refermenting the finished Valpo on the skins and lees of the Amarone from this estate. The results could be an $$ Pinot Noir from an alternate universe…taste and believe!


Domìni Veneti Valpolicella Ripasso Classico Superiore Vigneto Torbe 2010, Veneto

Domìni Veneti Amarone della Valpolicella Classico 2008, Veneto

Solid, meaty and comforting, these are always among our most popular wines from Valpolicella.


Brunelli Amarone della Valpolicella Classico

Riserva Campo del Titari 2006, Veneto

Dal Forno at half price? You decide. VERY limited…worth it!


Fratelli Zeni, Bardolino Veneto

This is a fifth generation family endeavor founded in 1870 but with roots in the local wine trade going back to 1800 when one of there ancestors was a hauler of wine, olive oil and fish from the shores of Lake Garda to the ancient city of Verona. The wines are elegant, food friendly and fantastic values for money.

Zeni Valpolicella 2009, Veneto

Soft, smooth and fragrant, 60% Corvina (bringing a nice dark blackberry and cherry fruit) with a 30% Rondinella and 10% Molinara for lift and aromatics. This wine scratches the same itch as a nice cool climate Pinot but at a more week night dinner friendly tariff.


Zeni Rosso Veronese Costalago 2009, Veneto 

This has been flat out wowing tasters in our Wine Bar: 60% Corvina with partial air drying like Amarone, 15% each Cabernet and Merlot for complexity, a brief sojourn in wood…..yummy, yummy, YUMMY! Many similar wines fetch well over $50 these days so we grabbed a pile of this outstanding value wine.


Corte Cariano, San Pietro in Cariano Veneto

From deep in the heart of the Valpolicella / Amarone zona we bring you two of the best values in deep, rich, smooth, warming, comfort reds we have offered in a good while:

Brunelli Corvina Terra Solinas 2008, Veneto

Already a huge hit by word of mouth, this is 100% Corvina (the “noble” grape of Valpolicella) that has been lightly air dried before fermentation resulting in a richness of texture and flavor that you normally don’t get for anything NEAR this price. Going fast, grab yours today.


Corte Cariano Valpolicella Classico Superiore Ripasso Terra Solinas 2007, Veneto

If you could bottle satin sheets and long French kisses, it might taste like this. A ridiculous value, get it while it’s here…


Corte Cariano Amarone della Valpolicella Terra Solinas 2007, Veneto

Ha-uuuuge in the mouth, rich on the palate, this brings the full Monty of dark red fruits, coffee and chocolate and an underlying meatiness to your table. VERY limited, outstanding!


Azienda Agricola Baltieri, Mizzole, Veneto


Baltieri Recioto della Valpolicella Pensiero 2001, Veneto  500ml

Baltieri Recioto della Valpolicella Dolce di Regina 1996, Veneto  375ml

“It must be Jelly ‘cause Jam don’t shake like that or If Edward Teller (father of the H-Bomb) had been a winemaker…” Truly insanely concentrated answers to the magical question “Just how many bottles worth of grapes CAN you squeeze into a half bottle if you take most of the water out?”. Some sort of fusion at the molecular level must be going on here as the wines approach vinous singularity: the flavors are not just more concentrated, there are MORE flavors and aromas then seem possible. They are the final expression of the chain that leads from Valpolicella through Ripasso and Amarone: Take enough old vine Corvina grapes to make a case of normal Valpolicella, air dry them till the juice is so thick that the valiant little yeasties give their lives for your pleasure at 15+% alcohol leaving just enough sweetness to make this the most comforting thing you’ve put in your mouth since Grandma’s homemade hot cocoa with a dash of rum. Serve in place of Porto and enjoy it with (or drink from the navel of) someone you love paired with dried fruit, veined cheeses, roasted or smoked nuts or just light a fire, pick up a good book and meditate…Worth every penny.


Azienda Agricola G. Poggi, Affi, Veneto

Founded in 1879 by Giuseppe Poggi and still run 119 years later by the same family (VERY nice folks by the way), this cantina was one of our favorite discoveries this year, producing a broad range of bottlings from their holdings in all three of the famous zonas of Verona: Soave, Bardolino and Valpolicella.

Poggi Valpolicella Classico 2006, Veneto

A classic blend of Corvina, Corvinone and Rondinella, hand harvested in mid October then given a long, slow fermentation on the skins for rich color and a rich, soft texture, this is ready for a wide variety of plates from simple pastas to a mixed grill with game.


Poggi Valpolicella Classico Superiore (Ripasso) Il Moretto 2007, Veneto

Very lush with deep cherry and plum notes (and a slightly peppery backbeat) harvested in late October from old vines in the family’s Il Moretto plot at San Pietro in Cariano, one of the top sites in the DOC. After the initial fermentation the wine is passed over the skins of the family’s Amarone for a double dose of rustic goodness.


Poggi Vino Rosso Veronese Famaloso 2003, Veneto

A truly fantastic wine made in the Amarone style with grapes from the family’s oldest plot, Il Famaloso in the Bardolino zona (classified in 1700 as one of the best sites for vines in the region), that are given two months of air drying then fermented on the skins for an entire month. Famaloso has a complex bouquet of red and black fruits, dried figs and dates, coffee and possibly even forbidden love. In the mouth it is rich and satisfying with a seemingly endless finish and we are certain it will soon have a big following (especially considering its relative value for money).


Fabio Poggi Amarone della Valpolicella Classico  Corte Castaldi 2007, Veneto

This bottling is named after the current proprietor and is the top bottling of the cantina: primarily Corvina with a touch of Rondinella, hand harvested in late September then given a long, slow drying time to concentrate the flavors and soften the textures. It throws aromas of very mature fruit, exotic spices and even aged meat from the glass and follows through in triplicate on the palate. Give it some air and some big food and you will be VERY happy.


Fabio Poggi Amarone della Valpolicella Classico Corte Saibante 2006, Veneto

Richer, meatier and even more developed with six years aging.