Maso Marco Donati, Mezzocorona, Trentino

These vineyards and the 15th century palace housing the winery have changed hands twice since medieval times: passing from the hands of the Cup Bearer to the Counts of Tyrol (a sort of Super Sommelier who served at the Ministerial level) to the house of the Conte Spaur and then, in 1863 to Marco’s great-great-grandfather. The vines are situated on an alluvial plain that, thanks to eons of action by glaciers and rivers, has had rocks and sediments from the Dolomite, Adamello-Presanella, and Paganella mountain ranges thoroughly ground and mixed into a unique mineral rich blend with a fine topsoil then sand, down to pebbles to gravel to bedrock, providing excellent drainage. As in Chateauneuf-du-pape, there are uncountable stones strewn around the vineyards, absorbing sun in the daytime to radiate at night and thus producing wines with more flavor and power than one would imagine at this latitude.

Got Value? The latest WINE EXPO-ista Cult Classic:

Donati Situla Bianco

Vigneti delle Dolomiti 2010, Trentino  Sold out, new vintage soon!

Situla Bianco is a fabulously aromatic, silky smooth yet BONE DRY and refreshing blend of aromatic varieties ranging from Nosiola through Sauvignon, Riesling and Traminer. Almost too easy too drink, this works with whatever food you want to throw at it from picnic fare, sushi and seafood antipasti to just some fruit & cheese, you name it. It has also become a sensation when poured by the glass at many local restaurants.


Donati Riesling Stellato 2010, Trentino  Sold out, new vintage soon!

Yes, this is Riesling but it’s not only NOT sweet, it’s drier than many Chardonnays. Our notes from VinItaly 2009: “Oh baby! Fresh citrus and white stone fruits plus major rocks. Super refreshing, I wanted to drink the whole glass even though we had a hundred more wines to taste. This killed with the local salumi and I can imagine it living happily ever after with Sushi or Mariscos!”