What the HELL is Torrontés? 

Evidently a white grape from the Rioja zona in Spain seeking asylum in the Argentine where it produces a sort of little brother to our beloved Piume Malvasia. The bouquet of limes and honeysuckle might lead you to believe these are sweet but their super crisp, BONE DRY finish is just the thing for sushi, smoked salmon, dim sum, picnic stuff or just an afternoon tipple. They’ve become so popular that we have a Torrontés section now! These range from very light and refreshing to quite complex and aromatic. Try some, they won’t hurt you…

Viñas de Luján Torrontés 2012, Mendoza  

Accuro Torrontes 2010, Mendoza

Los Clop Torrontés 2011, Mendoza  

Toneles Torrontés Reserva Tonel 46 2011, Mendoza