Got Value? Luca Botter does…

After happening on some of his wines in a liquidation a couple of years ago (and you making them into a sensation and demolishing them in weeks), we met Luca Botter that year in Verona (and then he visited us here at the store a week later). He is young, really excited about wine and seems to like what we are doing so we decided to do it together. His company is a third generation family wine business with vineyards and multiple cantine, not just a big negotiant buy and bottling bulk wines. All of the labels are very well priced and designed to make a nice impression on the table (both flavor and package wise).

Picco del Sole Cannonau di Sardegna 2009

Cannonau is the Sardo clone of Grenache / Garnacha and this one nicely encapsulates the warmth of the sun and people of the island: spicy but round, rustic but crowd pleasing, medium bodied but packed with meaty flavors and ready for some Hungry Man food….stat!


Josto Puddu, San Vero Milis Sardegna

This is a multi-generational, family operated estate located on the western coast of the island making very traditional wines that are perfectly suited to the hearty, rustic Sardo cuisine (which also makes them perfect for a lot of the wondrous array of ethnic foods we have here in sunny SoCal!). He also makes Vernaccia di Oristano (closer in style to Fino Sherry than Vernaccia di San Gimignano, a fantastic aperitivo).

Puddu Isola dei Nuraghi Rosso Achilea 2009, Sardegna

There are thousands of round stone towers of remarkable architectural sophistication called Nuraghi dotting Sardegna, a remnant of the Nuragic people who built them between 1800 and 1500 BC. No one knows exactly what they were for but they have become the symbol of the proud, independent and culturally unique Sardo population. This wine, a soft, meaty, exotically perfumed blend of 80% Nieddera with Bovale, S. Giovese and other native grapes, brings a bit of that mystery and history right to your dinner table.


Puddu Monica di Sardegna Superiore Torremora 2008

Monica has the dark berry fruit with anise overtones of, say, Dolcetto or Tintillia but is much softer and lower in tannins and acidity. Hook it up with a nice pork roast with cherries or plums, some red sauce BBQ  or just a good pizza and watch the smiles erupt.


Tenute Dettòri, Sènnori, Sardegna

Young Alessandro Dettòri inherited a vineyard with ancient Cannonau and Franche di Piede vines and decided to just let the soil of his native Sardegna speak directly to you. No fancy scientific winemaking, he just let nature sort it out (and the result is that the cuvées are often wildly different from vintage to vintage not unlike Pepe’s killer Montepulcianos). These may well be more wine than you can handle:

Dettori Rosso Resnosu 2009, Sardegna  ORGANIC

Our notes from VinItaly 2012: “Bright berry fruit, good acidity, VERY drinkable and a GREAT deal. Grab a pile of this!”

Dettori Chimbanta 2007, Sardegna ORGANIC

100% Monica (a soft, smooth and fragrant grape native to Sardegna) fermented on the skins in concrete tanks then bottled with no filtration. Yummy, very limited.


Dettòri Romangia Rosso Tuderi  2002, Sardegna ORGANIC

Dettòri Romangia Rosso Tuderi  2003, Sardegna ORGANIC

Intense, deeply structured Cannonau (Grenache) from vines over 60 years old. This is NOT a wine for vegetarian pasta…it wants roast MEAT (preferably game), grilled mushrooms (truffles would be nice) and then some gnarly cheese. Compares with major Chateauneuf du Pape but is a bit more rustic (that’s a good thing). Throw this in a decanter for an hour or so and it unwinds like an ancient fable.


Dettòri Romangia Rosso Dettòri  2002, Sardegna ORGANIC

Dettòri Romangia Rosso Tenores  2001, Sardegna ORGANIC

Dettòri Romangia Rosso Tenores  2002, Sardegna ORGANIC

Intense, deeply structured Cannonau (Grenache) from vines over 100 years old, these have a lot to say. Give them some air and some big food and listen to their story….but here is another one… Signore Veronelli (the keeper of the flame re authentic wine styles in Italy) on Dettòri: “Young Alessandro Dettòri…I tasted his wines, each of them, as if it was a miracle. One of my first books was the Veronelli Guide of Italian Wines of Sardinia  from 1969. In those years, walking in Sènnori on Sundays and holidays, you felt embraced in a really miraculous aura. Women and men used to wear costumes of extraordinary richness. You would admire and even feel part of their pride in their ancient traditions. I have such a feeling every time I taste the wines of Alessandro.” Indeed, these are as rich as those embroidered costumes and are well suited to game, hearty stews or a plate of seriously ripe and ready cheeses.