Cantine Cipressi, San Felice del Molise

While describing the remoteness and lack of development of Molise (a small mountainous region sandwiched between Abruzzo and Puglia on the Adriatic coast) in their excellent book Vino Italiano, the Regional Wines of Italy, Lynch and Bastianich lament that “…as of yet we’ve got no Molisano mountain wine to sample in the United States”. Well, it seems they will need to be editing the next edition! With old vines at over 500 meters elevation, Cipressi is the biggest and perhaps best producer of DOC Molise Tintilia, a local variant of Bovale Grande Nero that offers intense violet and spice aromas, a big mouthfeel with hearty dark fruit and a soft, enveloping finish. They also produce a broad range of wines from the Terre degli Osci zona (named for the pre-Roman inhabitants of the region, the Oscans) at wallet friendly pricing:

Cipressi Terre degli Osci Rosso Venas 2006, Molise  Sold Out, New Vintage Soon!

100% Montepulciano with a seriously substantial mouth feel and flavor set (intensified by drawing off some of the juice to make their delicious Rosato), this is a real meat and potatoes (or pasta or polenta) wine.


Cipressi Molise Rosso Rumen 2005  Sold Out, New Vintage Soon!

85 % Montepulciano / 15% Merlot: Plush, Phat City, da’ Bomb, the Velvet Hammer. This will make you LOTS of friends quickly….


Cipressi Molise Tintilia Macchiarossa 2005

100% Tintilia from older vines and very small berries. Spicy, exotic, deep, dark & delish. This made a LOT of converts to the Temple of Tintilia last Holiday Season and is already a hit among lovers of The Dark Side of the Force. VERY limited…