Plozner  Bianco Venezia Giulia Moscabianco 2009

“Moscabianca” literally means “white fly” but is used idomatically to mean “something unique and special”. This qualifies: 100% Friulano harvested a bit extra ripe for rich fruit and aromas. Sealed with a GLASS cork (Vino-Lok) for your protection!


Tocco Friulano 2012, Graves di Friuli

A classic, value driven expression of Friuli’s favorite variety.


Ronco del Gelso di Badin Giorgio, Cormons, Friuli

Ronco del Gelso (“the hill of the mulberry tree”) is a very serious and famous estate making a broad range of wines but particularly famous for their Merlot, Tocai and Sauvignon. Their 15 hectares of vines are located on the right bank of the Isonzo river in a part of the Friuli Isonzo DOC which, due to the deep gravely soil and the cycle of warm daytime winds from the Adriatic and cool nighttime breezes from the mountains to the north, makes so many fabulous and unique wines that it is now being split into sub-zonas with their own DOCs such as Gesimis, Rive Alte and Rive di Giare. Giorgio and his family are true superstars of their zona and we are THRILLED to present their wines to you:

Ronco del Gelso (Tocai) Friulano Toc Bas 2012, Friuli Isonzo Rive Alte

Giorgio is one of the leaders of what we call the “Movimento Tocai Classico”, an emerging group of Friulani vignerons who have recently decided that the lush, ultra fruit driven, Viognier like versions of Tocai are masking the true character and potential of that most Friulian of white varieties and, instead, are making a leaner, more structured and aromatic expression. This vintage is very dry and structured with herbal and almond notes on top of an enchanting yellow plum fruit base and will be an excellent aperitivo now but our experience with past vintages is that it will be even more wonderful in a couple of years.


Ronco del Gelso Bianco Latimis 2008, Friuli Isonzo  Sold Out, New Vintage Soon!

Sort of a reved up and deeper version of your beloved Situla Bianco, this is a magical mystical melange of Tocai, Pinot Bianco and Riesling Renano whose proportions change depending on the vintage. The wine sees no wood but does go through full malolactic fermentation which gives it a rich texture despite its modest 13.5% ABV. Just stunning stuff, we see this with a wide range of foods from delicate sashimi to full on Venetian, Thai or Acapulco style seafood.


Ronco del Gelso Pinot Grigio Sot lis Rivis 2012, Friuli Isonzo Rive Alte

One of the best Pinot Grigios we have ever tasted, compare with other Friulian giants like Dorigo, Jermann and Schiopetto. Giorgio puts this through full malolactic fermentation and even ages it for a brief time in wood, making it much richer than most Grigios you will encounter, but it still finishes with that trademark Isonzo minerality and food friendly acidity. This is really, REALLY special.


Ronco del Gelso Malvasia 2010, Friuli Isonzo Rive Alte  Sold Out, New Vintage Soon!

With citrus, flowers and teenaged love bursting out on the nose followed by a big creamy mouthfeel, this is destined for an arranged marriage (leading to eternal bliss) with some flavorful seafood..stat!



Azienda Agricola Gravner, Oslavia, Friuli

Plato and Aristotle would have dug these…For those of you who want natural wines, they don’t get much more old school than this: completely organic viticulture, hand harvesting and pressing, fermentation on the skins in giant clay amphorae while buried in the ground, bottled without ANY filtration or fining. The Ribolla is fantastically fragrant and rich in the mouth and changes right before your eyes like a hologram of the Gorizia hillsides, Breg is a field blend of Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio and Riesling Italico. All of these are downright cloudy with flavorful extract and you should DECANT them before serving (at cool room temp, NOT ice cold).

Josko Gravner Ribolla Gialla 1997, Venezia-Giulia  ORGANIC

Josko Gravner Amfora Ribolla Gialla 2001, Venezia-Giulia  ORGANIC

Josko Gravner Amfora Breg 2001, Venezia-Giulia ORGANIC