WINE EXPO in the Blogosphere

WINE EXPO in the Blogosphere:

Jeff from Viva la Wino on his first visit to WINE EXPO.


Amber Dusick lets her readers on In & Around Los Angeles in on her little secret.


Philip White is a deeply disturbed man living in Australia and he expresses it by writing about Drinking and Dranking (and mentions us on occasion.).


Craig Camp, defender of the terroir faith, touts Roberto’s Rants at The Wine Camp. Here he goes off on how he loves our point of view.


The New York Times’ Eric Asimov explains that, no, you really CAN’T get whatever you want in the Big Apple (but WINE EXPO can help).


Alder Yarrow waxes poetic on the joys of Fay Sforzato on his excellent blog Vinography. Here he gets misty eyed over our obituary of Luigi Veronelli, THE Italian wine critic.  He also loves our favorite Rosato of all time


Jerry Cavaliere of The Artisan on visiting our store:


Wine Expo

We all know that Wine is a food. Sometimes, for reasons that escape us, wine is seldom included in some Food Web Sites. Guess what? The Artisan has been guilty of that for 10 + years!  We are now remedying that faux pas.  As cooks and bakers, we are well aware of the importance of wine as a companion to foods.  As Winemakers, this is especially the case.  There are quite a few really nice  wine shops in the world. Since we are located in California, it is fitting that our first entry into wine resources is in California.

We highly recommend Wine Expo at 2933 Santa Monica Blvd. in Santa Monica CA. 90404.  Call 1-310-828-4428, and ask for Roberto.  You can also reach Wine Expovia email at mailto:  So why are we happy to include this incredible store on our limited Resource Page? Here is why:

Wine Expo has been in business for fifteen years. They specialize in personally selected wines, beers and spirits at reasonable prices.  What impressed us upon our visit there is the in-depth, knowledgeable staff as well as a friendly shopping atmosphere.

They stock many varietals, including some that even well educated wine lovers may never have seen, let alone experienced. Wine Expo offers the largest selection of Vini Italiani in the country plus outstanding finds from South Africa, Portugal, Spain, Hungary, New Zealand and Argentina, as well as from California. They also carry a large  selection of craft and imported beers and spirits, plus more Champagne than most have ever seen.

They  offer party planning, gifts for all occasions, delivery and shipping plus a wine club. Wine Expo is well worth a visit. Log onto their web site . Tell them that the folks from The Artisan sent you!