How the Internet can help you give more thoughtful gifts

Ten times a day we hear the following sad refrain:  “I KNOW that you guys have things that are so much better and cheaper than __________ (insert over-hyped and over priced wine / champagne featured on MTV Cribs or Life Styles of the Rich and Vacant) but if I give it as a gift how will they KNOW that?”  Well, aside from our faith that most people can recognize something truly wonderful if you put it in their mouths, these days they (or their people) can just google the name of the wine (on their PHONE) and BAM! pages and pages of info on even some of the most obscure stuff, often from European and even Japanese sources, giving your gift that cosmopolitan international cachet. Think about it: if you are just another one of ten people who gives a guy a bottle of the same safe wine when he gets promoted / nominated / indicted, you will you not be just fading into the crowd? Wouldn’t your boss, client, significant other really enjoy some of the stuff inside this missive more than yet another bottle of Jordan / Dom / Sassicaia / Cakebread / Opus / Gaja / Cristal / Silver Oak / ya-da-ya-da-ya-da?  Well, this propaganda pack is chock full of dandy alternatives. WINE EXPO: Drink Different!